How to Certify a Vehicle

Manufacturer certification while selling a vehicle is crucial for building trust, assuring quality, and providing additional value to potential buyers. It addresses common concerns and can contribute to a positive buying experience for customers.

It's very easy to make your listing manufacture certified, just follow along on these steps.

Step one: Access Stock Page

Navigate to the stock page on the Dealer Studio website and then utilise the search and sorting tools to locate the listing you wish to certify.

Step two: Add Certification

Once you have located your desired listing, use the "Add Tag" button attached to that listing to pull up a menu.

The pop up menu that appears will give you a couple of options but simply navigate to the "Manufacture Certified" switch and click it.

Step three: Update the Listing

Once you have clicked the "Manufacture Certified" option, navigate to the "Update" button. This is essential for the listing to update.

Once you've updated the listing it will now show that it’s manufacture certified. Thats it!

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