How to Add Tags to a Car

See bottom of the article for a video tutorial.

Step 1: Access the Stock Section

Log into your Dealer Studio account and navigate to the "Stock" section. This is where all your inventory is listed and managed.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Vehicle

Browse the inventory list and select your vehicle or use the search bar to narrow the results. Once you've reached the vehicle, select the "Add Tag" option in the top right.

Step 3: Select or Add the Tag

In the tag drop down box, the current options for tags you can add will appear.

If your desired tag isn't available, you can add it in car settings. Do so by accessing the sidebar and selecting "Settings".

In settings, select "Car Settings". And then type the tag into the "Car tags" text box.

Once you've typed the tag, press enter to add the tag as an option. Then go back to the listing and add the tag.

Step 4: Review and Save

Once the tags are added, it should look like this.

Review the tags you've added and thats it, you've successfully added a tag to your listed vehicle.

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