How to Add Features to Cars

Adding features to car listings in Dealer Studio not only enhances the customer experience but also offers significant SEO benefits. Features such as "Bull Bar," "Roof Racks," "7 Seats," or "Seat Warming" help customers find exactly what they’re looking for and improve the visibility of your listings on both your dealer website and third-party sites like Carsales and Gumtree. Additionally, these features play a crucial role in generating AI-based dealer comments, further enriching the listing’s appeal and information quality.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Navigate to Inventory Management

Log in to your Dealer Studio account and access the "Stock" page. Here, you manage all aspects of your vehicle listings.

Step 2: Select a Vehicle

Identify and select the vehicle you wish to update from your inventory list.

Step 3: Add Features

After selecting a vehicle, locate and click on the "Add Tag" button. Within the options that appear, select "Add Features" This allows you to attach specific features to the vehicle's listing.

Step 4: Choose or Create a Feature

You will be presented with a list of available features. Select the features that apply to the vehicle. Ensure that the feature is accurately described and relevant to the vehicle.

Step 5: Review and Confirm

Once you've selected or created the desired features, review them for accuracy and relevance. Confirm your selection by clicking the "Update" button to attach these features to the vehicle's listing.

Step 6: Verify Feature Display

After saving the changes, it's important to verify how these features appear on the vehicle's listing. Check the car's page on your website to ensure that all features are correctly displayed and easy for customers to identify.

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