How to Unreserve a Car

When a customer pays a down payment on the car, it will become reserved on the dealership website. If it becomes necessary to unreserve the car, it is very easy to do so.

Step 1: Access the stock page and locate the vehicle that needs changing

Use the side bar to access your dealerships stock, and then navigate to the vehicle that you would like to change via scrolling through the stock or using the search bar. Once you have the relevant vehicle, click the"Edit" icon.

Step two: Select "Unreserve"

Clicking the "Edit" icon will take you to a new page, scroll down and near to the bottom there will be a box with "Reserved" next to it. If the box is ticked then the car is reserved, to unreserve it simply click the ticked box and it will become unreserved.

Once you have unreserved the car, make sure to press "Update Car", this will make the changes final and make them appear on the cars listing immediately.

Thats all you need to do to unreserve a car, happy selling!

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