How to Add Pages to a Website

Expanding your online presence is crucial for showcasing your inventory and engaging with potential customers. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of adding pages to your Dealer Studio website, allowing you to create a more comprehensive and informative online platform.

Step one: Access your Dealerships Website

Navigate to and head to "Pages" on the sidebar.

Step two: Click "Add Page"

Step three: Add a Title and Select Page Type

Then select "Start Building Page".

Step four: Add and Manage Content

After creating the page, you'll be directed to an editor where you can add content. Use the editor to input text, images, and any other elements you want to include on the page. Customize the layout and design to suit your preferences.

Use the "+" button to open the plugin menu where you can select your content type.

Step five: Publish

Once you've added content and made any necessary adjustments, publish the page by navigating to the "Save" button.

Step six: Review

After adding the page, navigate to your website to verify that the new page is visible and accessible from the site's navigation menu.

Congratulations! You've successfully added a new page to your Dealer Studio website. Repeat these steps whenever you need to expand your site with additional content or information.

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