How to Add Email Notifications

Add email notifications to your user/s email address to alert them as soon as a lead is generated into Dealer Studio. You can set it to multiple members of your team or just one, you can also filter it to only send notifications about specific enquiries or bookings. Follow along for a guide on how to do so.

Step one: Make your way to Notifications in Settings

From the dashboard, use the sidebar to navigate to "Settings". Clicking this will bring up a second side bar where you'll select "Notifications"

This page will display what email notifications you currently have setup and to whom they're being sent.

Step two: Add New Notification

In the top right, select the prompt for "Add Notification and then select email in the drop down menu.

This will take you to the Email Notification page where you will need to enter some information.


Firstly, select the users, when you click on the "Users" box a drop down menu will appear and display all of your team and their emails for you to select from. You can include more than one user by continuing to click the relevant users.

Lead Category

Clicking on the "Lead Category" text box will prompt a dropdown menu to select from all of the lead category, from which you can select multiple.


Select which website you operate under.


Select which location you operate out of.

Lead Source

This refers to the medium by which the lead is entered, and you can filter which will create a notification for you. Simply click on the text box and select from the options. This field is optional, if left blank all leads will create a notification for you irrespective of the source.


Selecting subcategories further filters what you will be notified by, to apply, click on the text box and choose from the options.

Step three: Create the Notification

Once you've entered all of the relevant information, your all set to create the notification and you'll start receiving the relevant emails straight away. To create the notification, press the "Create Notification" option at the bottom of the page.

You're all set to go!

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