How to Add User

Adding a user to Dealer Studio is easy and only takes a minute. Here I will explain the information needed to add a user and the different features that are available.

Step one: Navigate to Team Page

On the Dealer Studio dashboard, navigate to the "Team" page on the sidebar. Here you will see the current team members. On this page you can also manage your current team members under the following prompts by selecting the "Action" option.

Step two: Add the User

On the "Team" page, access the "+ User option on the top right of the screen.

Selecting this will take you to a new page that will require the new users information. Fill in the new users name, position, phone number, and, their email.

The new user needs to be sent an email invitation to set up their account so make sure to keep the "Do not send email invitation" unselected.

Determining Permissions for New User

You determine what permissions are given to this user by ticking the boxes, the default setting is to have all boxes ticked. The permissions that follow should only be applied to admin users, not dealership staff (managing warranties and downloading leads). Next, the location applies to the what dealership this user is based in, there may only be one option but for a general rule set them to the dealership in which they operate out of. Finally, select the lead categories that the user will have access to. The options include competition enquiry, fleet enquiry, finance enquiry, ect.

Team Profile

Here, you add your new users biography, their order (1-5) and category. A bio is a bit about the new user including a concise summary of a person's qualifications, achievements, and background. Next, their order refers to where they will appear on the team list, if you give this person 1, they will be atop the list, and 5 at the bottom. And finally, their category refers to their role in the dealership. The options include management, sales, new vehicle sales, used vehicle sales, ect.

Once this has been completed, simply press the "Create User" button at the bottom of the page and an email will be sent to the new user for them to set up their account with their own password. The new user will appear on the team list even before they respond to the email, so if there is any trouble receiving the email you can resend the invite via the "Actions" drop down attached to the new users name.

Well done! You have successfully created a new user for your team!

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